Best ROI Home Improvements for Your Home

A well-lit kitchen with a marble countertop, four stools, and a stove top oven.

The charming city of Plano, Texas, attracts residents and visitors alike with its rich history, vibrant culture, and community-centered environment. Plano is home to engaging museums like the Heritage Farmstead Museum and the Interurban Railway Museum, offering insight into the history of northern Texas. Plano is known for its delicious fare made by local restaurants. The city is right in the center of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, meaning two of Texas’ biggest cities are only a quick drive away.

Homeowners in the Plano area who want to make changes to their homes may wonder what home improvement projects are the best use of their time and resources. Home improvement projects can be considered an investment, as they can increase the value of the property. Whether a homeowner intends to sell soon or is simply considering the home's future value for when it comes time to sell, a realtor experienced in Plano real estate can help a homeowner find the best return on investment during home improvement projects.

Minor changes to upgrade the bathroom

Small renovations in the bathroom can appeal to prospective buyers and ultimately increase the value of the home. These minor updates could include replacing fixtures such as the faucet and towel holders or changing the vanity. Updating the bathroom can attract buyers with a modern and clean design. Some bathrooms can be upgraded with a fresh coat of paint. Light and neutral paint colors like shades of white, pale pink, blue, an ashy gray, or beige can even make a small bathroom appear bigger. Quick and simple changes in a bathroom can serve to add value to the house.

Use Texas’ natural beauty to your advantage

Planting grass and flowers native to the Plano area can add to the curbside appeal of the property. Native wildflowers, such as Texas Lantana, Texas Purple Sage, and Eastern Purple Coneflower, will attract butterflies and hummingbirds local to the area into your backyard, making for beautiful listing photographs. Adding native plants to your landscaping also makes the property more attractive and showcases the natural beauty of the region.

Spruce up the kitchen

Like the bathroom, the kitchen can be updated with a few quick and easy home improvement projects. Replacing the hardware on kitchen cabinets and drawers or updating lighting fixtures can modernize the space. Refinishing or repainting the cabinets can also upgrade the kitchen. Installing a backsplash in the kitchen can be used to complement the existing style of the space. These straightforward projects can help improve the home.

Convert an attic into an extra room

Transforming an unfinished attic or basement can lead to a significant increase in value. Whether the additional room is used as a guest bedroom, a home office, or a playroom, the extra room will increase the price of the home. Adding walls, insulation, and flooring can convert any storage space into a usable room. Each house is unique, so it is important to consider the property’s layout and the practicality of a room. An experienced expert can help you make the best decision for your home.

Complete bathroom redo

Bathroom remodeling is key to adding significant value to a home. These upgrades can include a tub-to-shower conversion or the creation of a steam shower. Replacing bathroom tiles can revitalize an outdated bathroom. An upscale bathroom renovation costs, on average, $40,000 to $60,000, producing a return on investment of 55% to 60%. This means that a bathroom renovation is one of the best return on investment home improvement projects.

Big kitchen upgrades

Kitchen updates can be costly but can also add substantial value to a home. Replacing the cabinets and countertops will have your kitchen looking brand new. A kitchen outfitted with new, state-of-the-art appliances can attract interested buyers and boost the value of the home on the Plano real estate market.

Front door replacement

Installing a new front door can improve the curbside appeal of your property. A simple and easy front door change can help make a great first impression when buyers enter the home. Browse online and in stores to find an appealing and attractive front door that enhances your home’s beauty. If your porch is already neutral in color, consider adding a front door with a pop of color to add dimension.

Enjoy the outdoors with a patio, deck, or porch

A patio, deck, or porch can make spending time outdoors more enjoyable, in turn increasing the value of the home. The addition of a patio, porch, or deck can be a worthwhile home improvement investment. If you have an existing outdoor space, think about renovating or updating it to appeal to buyers and increase your home’s value. Add a fresh coat of stain or paint and personalize the space with outdoor furniture.

Update windows

Replacing a house's windows can have many benefits, including adding value to the property. New windows will increase the natural light coming into the home — something buyers look for when searching for a home.

Be sure to install energy-efficient windows to save on heating and cooling costs. By doing so, you’ll also lower future maintenance costs. Windows can be integrated to work with your home’s smart or security system, and these high-tech setups can make the property stand out above the competition.

Wondering which home improvement projects can increase your house’s value?

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home to sell it for a higher price or simply want to increase your home’s value and return on investment, you should consider talking with an expert real estate professional.

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